Operational Procedures for Credit Workshops

Credit workshops may be offered in a face-to-face format (both on-and off-campus), online, or through a blended approach. Support and operational procedures are outlined below. Complete the form at the bottom of this page if you're interested in offering a credit workshop!


The Office of Online and Distance Education will provide instructional design support for faculty members who wish to develop an online workshop or integrate online components within their workshop. The Office of Online and Distance Education will also provide secretarial support for instructors, as needed, and assist in marketing workshops.


Students will enroll through Online and Distance Education. An online enrollment form is available at online.uni.edu/enroll.

Minimum Enrollment

Workshops that have at least 10 students enrolled by the prescribed dates will be offered. Courses not meeting minimum enrollment requirements are subject to cancellation. If a workshop is canceled due to low enrollment, instructors and students will be notified immediately. Once the commitment has been made to offer a workshop, it will not be cancelled, even if the enrollment drops below the minimum requirements.

Instructors who wish to offer a workshop with fewer than 10 enrollments will be paid 65% of the tuition collected. If the class reaches the threshold of 10 students, instructors will be paid the base salary.


The base salary is $1720 per unit of credit. Additionally, instructors will be paid 65% of all tuition collected beyond the twelve enrollments, not to exceed a total salary of 1/27 of the faculty member's nine-month academicy-year salary for each unit of credit taught. For example, an instructor with a $50,000 nine-month salary could be paid a maximum of $1851.85 for a one-credit workshop. Salaries for workshops taught outside summer sessions will not be prorated.


Department heads and deans will have the opportunity to review all proposals before any course development begins.

Instructor Information

Course Information

Questions and comments

Upon receiving this form, our office will be in contact with you to discuss further details about your course. Your department head and dean will review and approve all proposals before course development begins.

Please contact us at 319-273-5970 or ContinuingEd@uni.edu if you have any questions or if you need immediate assistance.