2023-2024 Tuition & Fees*

Tuition and Fees per Board of Regents, State of Iowa Approval



per unit of credit


fee per course

Records & Documents

fee charged once at graduation

Enrollment Fee

fee per course

Undergraduate Online Programs


$42 $115 -
Management: Business Administration BA Online and Accounting Hybrid BA** $430 $42 $115 -
Graduate Online Programs $558 $42 $115 -
Guided Independent Study (GIS) $277 $42 - $10
Master of Business Administration (MBA) $731 $42 $115 -
International $492-$1,182 $42 $115 -


*Tuition and fees may be adjusted by the Iowa Board of Regents and are typically announced in the spring with increases occurring in the fall. Non-resident and supplemental tuition may be assessed for online courses and internships. Students enrolled at full-time status are charged a maximum of 12 units for undergraduate students and 9 units for graduate students. Students may incur additional fees and/or non-resident tuition for some course sections that do not begin with '6' (i.e. course sections offered to on-campus students as well as online students). More information about on-campus tuition and fees for these courses can be found at tuition.uni.edu.

**The UNI College of Business has a supplemental tuition ($80/unit of credit) for students who are a declared major in the College of Business and are classified as a junior, senior or graduate student. Students in the online Management: Business Administration (BA) program will be charged supplemental tuition.

Bachelor of Liberal Studies distance students are limited to registering for 4 credit hours of on-campus coursework. If you wish to register for more than 4 credit hours of on-campus coursework, you will be charged all UNI mandatory fees based on total credit hours.

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Tuition / Financial Aid
Tuition / Financial Aid

Financing Your Degree

  • Financial aid is available for degree-seeking students who have financial need and enroll in a minimum number of credits per semester. 
  • Payment plans are available for semester-based courses.
  • Scholarships are offered by Online & Distance Education for select programs for professionals and education alumni.


Online & Distance Education offers scholarships for select programs, specifically for online learners.