for Guided Independent Study courses

GIS enrollment is considered continuous, so students may enroll in courses anytime throughout the calendar year. However, for transcript purposes, we will apply courses to a specific term based the following timeline:

  • If you enroll between April 1 - June 30, your course will be applied to the summer term
  • If you enroll between July 1 - October 31, your course will be applied to the fall term
  • If you enroll between November 1 - March 31, your course will be applied to the spring term

Before enrolling in a GIS course, be sure to review this information regarding course procedures, assignments, billing and refunds.

How to enroll

  1. Select your course(s). It is your responsibility to determine whether a particular course will apply toward your diploma, degree, certification or other educational goals. In general, we recommend that you enroll in no more than two guided independent study courses at one time.
  2. Complete the enrollment form 

Getting started with your course

After your enrollment has been processed, you will receive a link for accessing your course materials, including textbook information and detailed instructions for completing your course. As you move through the course, you will submit each assignment electronically using Blackboard, a learning management system. The use of Blackboard requires access to the Internet and a web browser. Examinations are taken either online or under the supervision of an approved proctor and . If you do not receive your course guide and/or instructions within two weeks of enrolling, please contact us at 319-273-7206 or

If you are a UNI student needing a GIS course to graduate, you must enroll in the course at least nine weeks prior to graduation. Exceptions will be made only with written approval from the instructor. UNI resident students earning credit hours through Guided Independent Study will have those hours added to their credit-load during the semester of enrollment only. If this addition results in an overload, permission must be sought in advance from the Registrar’s Office.

Enrollment in a Guided Independent Study course does not constitute university admission.

Connecting with your faculty

GIS instructors are faculty members who are on campus during the academic-year. Consequently, you should plan for delays in the return of assignments during semester and summer breaks. If you must complete a course in a short time or during the summer, it is important that you confirm that the instructor will be available to review assignments and grade exams. Call 319-273-7206 and we'll put you in contact with the instructor.

There are times when books, materials or instructors are not available, as well as times when courses are under revision. Some courses may also have restricted enrollment. If a course is not available, you may receive a refund for your tuition and fees or select a different course with the same tuition/fees.

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Textbooks and materials

The required textbooks and materials are listed in your course guide, along with information on obtaining them. It is important to use the exact edition indicated. To ensure availability, purchase your textbooks immediately upon receiving enrollment confirmation. Textbooks are available from the vendor of your choice, including the UNI Bookstore.

UNI Bookstore
1009 West 23rd Street 
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 
Phone: 319-273-2665

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Complete in nine months.

Time Limit: You are allowed nine months from the date of enrollment to complete a course. If you do not finish within nine months, one 90-day extension may be granted for a fee of $10. Request an extension.

Transferring courses: You may transfer from one course to another within the first two months for a fee of $10 plus $12 for each lesson and exam that has been graded. The course enrollment date remains the same.

Assignments & Exams: No more than three assignments may be submitted each week. Courses may have their own guidelines — read the syllabus carefully. The minimum time allowed to complete a course is two weeks per credit hour. As a general rule, you should allow 2-3 weeks for assignments and exams to be graded and returned. You are responsible for completing assignments and exams early enough to ensure the grade is available when needed. The final exam must be completed in the GIS office at least three weeks before the grade is needed. If you need a grade by the end of the summer session, you should complete all coursework by July 15 and confirm that the instructor will be available.

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