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After receiving my undergraduate degree, I knew I wanted to continue learning beyond what my elementary school provided for professional development. In a career that asks its teachers to stay versed in new strategies and techniques, I decided to prioritize developing my skills by enrolling in the Elementary Education MAE program at UNI. My only concern when joining was that I wouldn’t connect to the professors as I worked on my research papers. This was not the case at all. The professors were very understanding and the first ones to reach out to me, offering to meet one-on-one over zoom or even at their offices. 

But what makes this program special is the discussion between classmates and professors. Instead of professors dumping their knowledge onto the class, they encourage us to find the best strategies and practices among ourselves. My peers and I got along very well. We shared our different experiences with each other and from doing this, I was able to gather new ideas to implement into my own classroom. UNI has been a great experience for me!

Josh Schoon
Waukee Community School District
Elementary Education (MAE)