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Individual Studies Major

If the major you would like to pursue is not offered at UNI, it may be possible to create your own program of study. The Individual Studies major enables you to select courses from several academic departments, as well as to explore interdisciplinary areas of study before those areas are formally adopted as departmental or interdepartmental majors.


Your first step is to consult with Linda Emery, Individual Studies Coordinator, concerning the feasibility of designing an Individual Studies major in a particular area. If the University does not have faculty or curricular resources for the area requested, you will be so advised. Also, if you do not appear academically prepared, or if your plans are not sufficiently clear, specific steps to correct these problems will be recommended.


If your request for an Individual Studies major is approved, you will be required to complete 120 semester hours, including the Liberal Arts Core requirement of 45 semester hours. The major, a coherent, interdisciplinary area of study, consists of a minimum of 40 semester hours. In addition, an undergraduate thesis/project of six semester credits is required. The remaining hours for graduation consist of elective or minor credit.