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General Studies (BA)

A well-rounded education with flexibility and diversity

If you are:

  • A student with a well-defined career goal who wishes to design a curriculum utilizing coursework from three of UNI's colleges of instruction,
  • A student with broad interests who wishes to complete a well-rounded liberal arts degree, or
  • A nontraditional student who wishes to complete a degree in the evening.

The General Studies major just might be right for you!

This major emphasizes a wide distribution of courses rather than a concentration within a specific area. You have the freedom to select the courses according to your own needs, interests and career goals.

This flexibility enables you to experience a variety of courses from many different departments, providing you with a well-rounded education in a number of areas targeted toward your professional and/or personal interests.

Liberal Arts Core Requirements

The General Studies major requires the completion of 120 units of credit, including the University's 45-unit Liberal Arts Core requirement. The 45-unit major requires a minimum of 15 units of credit from upper-level (3000- or 4000-level) coursework from three of the four colleges of instruction - College of Education; College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences; College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and College of Business Administration. For your convenience, we've developed a list of colleges and their respective departments or subject areas.

Nurses who major in General Studies must select coursework from two of the four colleges. See General Studies Major for Registered Nurses for more information.

Your program will be planned in consultation with your advisor, who will help you in selecting appropriate courses while monitoring your progress toward graduation.

You may find it necessary to take courses which are prerequisites to the 3000- or 4000-level courses. Credit earned for these prerequisites may possibly apply toward the Liberal Arts Core, minor or elective requirements.

Common Minors Pursued

General Studies majors are encouraged to select at least one minor in order to bring focus to this broad liberal arts major. Minors frequently selected include:

  • Marketing
  • General Business Concepts
  • Coaching
  • Psychology
  • Health Promotion
  • Leadership Studies
  • Family Studies

PLEASE NOTE: General Studies majors may not declare a second major.

Recent General Studies Graduates in the Field

Lt. Emily Burns, '01 Second Lieutenant, United States Air Force, Yokota AB, Japan

Amy Goretska, '01, Recruiter/Advisor, Graceland University, Lamoni/Des Moines, IA

Chris Kenaga, '98, Assistant Dining Unit Manager, University of Northern Iowa

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