Is distance learning right for you?

Research findings demonstrate that students of all types of learning styles can succeed in a distance learning course.

Self-motivated and independent learner

The most successful distance education students are those who are able to start and work on tasks on their own and are self-disciplined to follow the class schedule and meet deadlines.

Strong reading and writing skills

Written resources (textbooks and written lectures) comprise a substantial component of most courses. Students communicate through such text-based tools as email, discussion forums and chat sessions. Reading and writing skills are a critical component for success.

Time management

While distance learners are exempt from the boundaries of a brick-and-mortar classroom, they are encouraged to set aside sufficient time for study. Students should plan to spend at least as much time working on the assignments and studying as they would with a traditional course.

Basic computer literacy

Students need to have a working knowledge of computer and Internet skills in order to be successful in a distance education course. This includes the ability to perform basic computer operations, Internet skills such as accessing the web and using search engines, and the ability to use online communication tools such as email, discussion forums and chat.

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