Your CatID username and passphrase

What is CatID?

Your CatID is the combination of your username and passphrase used to access to the following systems:

  • eLearning
  • UNI Email
  • MyUNIverse

CatID username

Your username is the unique 3-8 character account name that identifies you as a member of the UNI community. Your username is the portion before the @ sign in your UNI email address.

Distance degree-seeking students are emailed their UID and username from the Office of Admissions upon submission of the application for admission. Distance non-degree seeking students are emailed their UID and username from Continuing & Distance Education upon enrollment.

CatID passphrase

If you are a new user and this is the first time you have taken courses at UNI, your initial passphrase is in the format panthersnnnmmmdd (nnn is the last 3 numbers of your University ID number, mmm is the first 3 letters of your birth month, and dd is the 2-digit number of your birthday, example: panthers456jan01).

Note: Your 6-digit university ID (UID) number can be found on your UID card or email sent from Continuing and Distance Education. If you have not received your UID, please call 800-648-3864.

Former UNI students: If you have forgotten your passphrase and the CatID passphrase calculation above does not work, please contact the Service Desk at 319-273-5555 to request your passphrase be reset.

CatID passphrase security

For security, your CatID passphrase expires every 365 days. Your CatID passphrase expiration date is noted in the Passphrase Central pagelet of MyUNIverse and via messages sent to your UNI email account.

CatID account recovery

The CatID Account Recovery Tool allows you to register alternate contact information, either a non-UNI email address or a cell phone number, in order to allow you to reset your CatID passphrase sometime in the future should you forget it. To set up your alternate contact information, log into MyUNIverse and navigate to the My Account pagelet. There you'll see a link titled CatID Account Recovery Setup. Click that link and follow the on-screen instructions.