Courses & Workshops

Courses listed below include include semester-based courses and Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses. Enroll in a GIS course at any time and take up to nine months to complete your coursework. Click on the course titles below for more details, including how to enroll.
Academic termsort descending Subject Area Catalog Number Section Course Title Location Start Date End Date Instructor(s)
Open CSD 3120 Phonetics in Communicative Disorders Online: GIS Web
Lauren Nelson
Open SW 1041 Social Welfare: A World View Online: GIS Web
Katherine Van Wormer
Open INDIVSTU 4186/5186 Studies in Career Development Online: GIS Web
Donna Vinton
Open EDPSYCH 4152/5152 Development of the Middle School Aged Child Online: GIS Web
Dr. Suzanne Freedman
Open STAT 3771/5771 Applied Statistical Methods for Research Online: GIS Web
Mark Ecker
Open EDPSYCH 4186/5186 Studies in Forgiveness Online: GIS Web
Dr. Suzanne Freedman
Open STAT 1772 Intro to Statistical Methods Online: GIS Web
Michael Prophet
Open ELEMECML 4186/5186 Studies in Graduate-Level Writing Online: GIS Web
Deanne Gute
Open SOC 1060 Social Problems Online: GIS Web
Marybeth Stalp
Open ELEMECML 4123 Methods of Teaching Visual and Performing Arts Integration in the Elementary Classroom Online: GIS Web
Denise Tallakson
Open SOC 1000 Introduction to Sociology Online: GIS Web
Marybeth Stalp
Open ENGLISH 3186 Studies in Technical Writing Online: GIS Web
Kimberly Groninga
Open HUM 3137 Native Central and South America Online: GIS Web
Anne Woodrick
Open MUS HIST 3800/5800 Music History Survey for Graduates Online: GIS Web
Melinda Boyd
Open PH 1410 Basic Nutrition Online: GIS Web
Tammie Collum
Open INDIVSTU 4196 Interdisciplinary Readings: Critical Thinking in a Democratic Society Online: GIS Web
Rodney Dieser
Open CAP 3121 Creativity and the Evolution of Culture Online: GIS Web
Deanne Gute
Open PH 3250 Community and Public Health for School Educators Online: GIS Web
Susan Roberts-Dobie
Summer 2020 PH 4186 Studies in Secondary School Health Education Methods Online
Barbara Bakker
Summer 2021 MGMT 3153
Organizational Management Online: Blackboard (eLearning) May 10, 2021 Jun 18, 2021
Samuel Matthews
Summer 2021 ARTHIST 4302/5302
Northern Renaissance Art Online: Blackboard (eLearning) May 10, 2021 Jun 4, 2021
Elizabeth Sutton
Summer 2021 PH 3160
Community and Public Health Online: Blackboard (eLearning) May 10, 2021 Jun 4, 2021
Susan Roberts-Dobie
Summer 2021 CAP 3187
Blues and Jazz in African American Film and Literature Online: Blackboard (eLearning) Jun 21, 2021 Jul 30, 2021
Pierre-Damien Mvuyekure
Summer 2021 COMM PR 3179
Cooperative Education Online: Blackboard (eLearning) Jun 8, 2021 Jul 31, 2021
Nichole Harken
Summer 2021 EDLEAD 7315
Leading Teaching, Learning and Assessment Online: Blackboard (eLearning) Jun 7, 2021 Jul 30, 2021
Matthew Townsley