5. Get to Know your Program Contacts

You've most likely already received communications from a key contact at UNI. Let us help you become more acquainted with these key contacts who will continue to assist you throughout the duration of your program:

Enrollment Contact

Each program has a dedicated enrollment contact who will be your point of contact for all questions during the course of your program. As a distance student, we understand that you may not be familiar with all of the UNI policies, processes, and procedures. That's where your enrollment contact comes in! We can help answer your questions, from enrollment to billing to accessing your online course. Your enrollment contact was most likely the person who sent you the link to this checklist!

Program Coordinator/Advisor

The Program Coordinator/Advisor plays a critical role in your path to a degree. This individual possesses the expert knowledge of the program's academic requirements, as well as UNI graduation requirements to make sure you get the most out of your experience, in as efficient a way as possible. While the enrollment contact can help with the logistical questions, your Program Coordinator/Advisor will be there to answer questions about program and course content, degree requirements, etc.

View a list of program coordinators and enrollment contacts by program heredistance.uni.edu/services-support/advisers