4. Explore MyUNIverse/Student Center Navigation

MyUNIverse is a personalized Web portal that you can use to access and update your personal records. Your Student Center (located within MyUNIverse) is your academic management tool. This includes registration, billing, and financial aid information, academic progress reports (degree audits), and much more. Log in to MyUNIverse and your Student Center with your CatID. Assistance can be found at www.uni.edu/sis/content/student-center-help.

Accessing your Student Center

  1. Visit my.uni.edu and enter your CatID username and passphrase.
  2. Select the My Page tab and click the Go to my Student Center link.
    Student Center pagelet on MyUNIverse

Student Center resources

Viewing Your Grades: https://uni.edu/sis/sites/default/files/Viewing%20my%20Grades_JOBAID.pdf

Financial Aid Help: https://uni.edu/sis/content/financial-aid-help

Academic Advisement Report Help: https://uni.edu/sis/content/academic-advisement-report-student-online-self-help

Student Enrollment Verifications: https://uni.edu/sis/sites/default/files/Student%20Enrollment%20Verifications.pdf