2. Transfer Credits (if applicable)

Undergraduate Students

  • UNI accepts a maximum of 65 transfer credits overall from community colleges. 
  • There is no limit on the number of credits UNI will accept from four-year institutions.
  • All transfer credits must be from an accredited institution. Official transcripts must be on file for each institution that a student has attended. Please send transcripts directly to the UNI Office of Admissions. Once transcripts are received, Admissions can provide an evaluation of your credits if requested.
    • For students seeking a postbaccalaureate degree, please have official transcripts sent to the Office of the Registrar.
  • UNI has put together a list of UNI Transfer Equivalencies for colleges that students most commonly attend. If you’re questioning how a course might transfer in, view the list here. If you’re transferring credit from a college that is not on this list, please contact Admissions to determine how the course will transfer. It is important to determine transferability before registering for courses at another institution.
  • For residency requirements, please refer to the University Catalog.
  • View a list of common transfer questions here.

Graduate Students

In general, students complete the full set of courses outlined in the program. It is possible to transfer a limited number of graduate credits. However, this credit must meet the following criteria:

  • Course must be a regular graduate course with a graduate course number (not professional development or college credit through an Educational Agency or conference).
  • Course must be taken by the student in graduate status, and the official transcript must show a grade of B- or better earned.
  • Course must be applicable as a graduate requirement at the institution where it is taken.
  • Course must be taught by regular graduate faculty.
  • Course must meet the UNI seven-year recency requirement.
  • Academic departments will determine whether or not they wish to accept transfer credit even if it meets the above requirements. These criteria were established to prevent credits not intended for use toward graduate degrees (i.e., Area Education Agency/professional development credits) from being used to meet UNI degree program requirements.

Please check with the program coordinator about specific situations.